Kirkby Community Church

Our aim is to provide a safe place for people to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ

We are an informal and family-friendly Church with a passion for the presence of God and we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. We encourage people to use their God-given gifts.

We believe God still has a special plan for Israel and it is important that we pray and support the Jewish people.

We are a prayerful church and believe that we have a specific calling to be a "House of Prayer". We hold regular prayer events such as: 24 hours of prayer, prayer retreats and special days of prayer for the persecuted church and Israel. These events are open for other churches to join us too.

Building strong relationships is important to us and we encourage this through praying together, meeting together and eating together on a regular basis at our Bring and Share meal after the Sunday morning meeting.

We believe that the body of Christ is one and that's why we are part of Kirkby Churches Together.